H.D. Rolf The Jeweller

Trenton Jeweller For Over 55 Years

February 2010 marked the 50th anniversary for H.D. Rolf The Jeweller Ltd. And if gold was weighed by the year and not the ounce then the HD Rolf the Jeweller business would be Trenton’s own version of the Canadian Mint. Thousands of gold wedding bands have rolled out the door in the last five decades. “It’s been a great business and a great time” said Dieter Rolf, the patriarch of the family business. – (Excerpt from Ernst Kuglin – Trentonian)

In 1949 H Dieter Rolf graduated as an apprentice watchmaker and found a job in his home town of Lauenstein, West Germany. “Those years were hard. The land was in a shambles. Cities were destroyed…the land was divided into zones of occupation and trade and commerce was at a standstill,” said Rolf.

Dieter met Doris in 1952, and she followed him to Canada in 1955, and just five days after she arrived, the couple were married. They raised a family in Trenton and started to build a successful business. After high school, Bill decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dieter describes it as the “proudest moment of my life.” By the 1960s the watch business had changed with the gradual introduction of battery and quartz powered watches, so Bill decided he would specialize in jewelry. He received his gemmologist certification from George Brown College, and a few years later from the Gemmological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. In 1992 Bill purchased the business from his father.

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Quinte West Jeweller For Over 55 Years!